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About Us

Welcome to oceanfashion.in. We are a team of fashion designers settled in Canada. We love blogging and reading. We always wanted to create a unique blog on the ocean theme and that is how we came up with this website. Everyone loves to wear ocean prints and shades like blue, green and Deep Ocean. We have a wide range of ocean printed clothes like t-shirts, shirts, maxi, skirt, ethnic wear and more. We have designed clothes for both men and women and for all age groups.
Our ocean printed clothes are designed for a social cause that is for the sake of ocean conservation. The funds we get through designing and selling are used for ocean conservation. Ocean is one of the great natural resources we need to safeguard and maintain for future generations. Due to too much use of plastic and disposal of plastic waste in the oceans, our natural environment is getting exploited day by day. Our simple lifestyle changes can easily preserve the oceans. It is our responsibility to think and act smartly.
Use reusable plastic products. Plastic waste or debris settle in the ocean and degrades marine habitats. It results in death of several marine animals. Many marine mammals, sea turtles,and marine birds consider floating plastic as food and consume them. They starve or chock after eating the plastic and their digestive systems get congested. Ensure to dispose of dangerous waste in an environment-friendly manner.
Hope you understand the reason for working for ocean theme. If you have any suggestions or comments, please share with us.