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The briefcase collection by Vantaggio is elegant in the richly burnished leather. They have the classily styled lawyer’s brief which is lightweight and spacious. These protect your papers with their elegant brass combination locks. The deluxe brief bag has an updated yet classic look with buckles on either side of the combination lock. The buckles close by cleverly hidden magnets for ease in opening and closing the case. Inside are three multi file compartments and a leather tipped organizer for glasses, pens, cell phones, pda cases and other sundries. Their attaché cases are outstanding and very professional looking. They have bound edges or French edging depending on the look you like. One is very traditional while the other is quite modern. Inside the attaché cases are pockets for pens, business cards, pda case, etc. There’s also a five-pocket file paper organizer. In the attaché case, there’s a place for everything and everything is in place. Vantaggio also has the five-pocket fan file briefcase. These fan file briefcases will organize all of your papers like a traveling file cabinet. However, you’ll definitely be traveling in style. It won’t matter if you’re carrying a Vantaggio case with discount luggage.

The Vantaggio leather always looks rich and magnificent. The selection of wallets and leather goods is designed for function and looks. Each wallet has the same elegant hand-stained leather when you open it. The inside of the bill pockets are leather lined in soft matching leather for longer wear ability. Each piece is stitched around the perimeter. Vantaggio features billfolds, trifolds, money clips, front pocket wallets and extra flap billfolds. There are also extra hipsters and breast pocket wallets with multi compartments and pockets for loads of credit cards. They also make every style of business card or identification card holder. Additionally, they have a functional travel tie case to go along with your other travel accessories. A business card organizer will hold everyone else’s cards in addition to some of your own. Exceptional craftsmanship is present in every piece of Vantaggio leather. An extremely popular style is an envelope, which holds and displays 4×6 photographs. These are perfect for showing off vacation photos, new grandparents or parents and celebrations of all types.

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