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Fashion Evolution

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Fashion Evolution from the 40s to the 90s Who has not heard something about the most representative eras of the fashion industry, like 50s, hippie”s age, disco fever, or grunge? All these ideologies have made an important change through time. There exists a great evolution through the fashion of the 40s to the 90s, and it involves different ideologies, dress trends, shoes and hairstyles. I”m going to mention only the most representative eras of the fashion industry that mark a significant change in our culture, and that which makes history. The 40s were the era of feminine glamour in fashion. Women used to wear long elegant dresses and hats of every shape and size. All those things were fashionable. The most popular colors were the dark conservative ones. The 50s were the shirtwaist era, when the rock and roll caused a change in the fashion.

This era was represented perfectly at Grease movie, when we can see the different fashions between the social groups. The women used crinolines and shirtwaists. Men used jackets and blue jeans, with grease in their hair. And women had their hair over the shoulders. The 60s were the time of a revolution. The hippie clothes, psychedelic ones, and groovy elements were fashionable. The hippies used a natural or ethnic style, love-ins, flowers, and free-flowing hairstyles. The 70s era involves different styles of fashion. By one side the hippies continued such at as 60s. And by other side, the disco fever and platforms got to occupy an important place in the fashion trends. The flared line of bell-bottoms was common. Platform shoes experienced its most playful and colorful look, and Afro”s hairstyle was fashionable. The 80s and 90s don”t have a representative trend. The old fashion, combined with the costumes of others cultures, make the fashion that we use now. The use of hippie or grunge clothes is common in some places, or Japanese influenced ones too. The hair with different colors, platforms, metallic color clothes, and colorful makeup all make up the fashion trends of this era.

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